• SiteVisor

    Real-time Cyber-attack Alert System


To say that this technology represents a whole new way of looking at data is an understatement. Watching the big data visualizations from Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and its Cyber-attack alert system may look like something from a science fiction movie, but it's very real. Perhaps better, it represents one of the new ways researchers and cyber-security experts have found to show attacks in action.

- eWeek

Real-time Alert

SiteVisor is a real-time cyber-attack alert system. It employs a large-scale distributed darknet that consists of several contributing organizations that mutually observe the malicious packets transmitted from inside the organizations.


A darknet is a set of unused IPv4 addresses. Large-scale darknet monitoring is an effective approach to detect a global trend in malicious activities on the Internet, such as a worldwide spread of malwares.


SiteVisor utilizes a large-scale darknet monitoring facility deployed by Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). As of Jun 2017, NICT have been about 300,000 unused IPv4 addressess.

3-D Visualization

SiteVisor has a real-time 3D visualization engine to visualize alerts and darknet traffic. It enable operators to grasp visually and in real-time an overview of alert circumstances, and provides highly flexible and tangible interactivity.